Strong Management or Strong Leadership?

What is most important to company performance: Strong Management or Strong Leadership? In an increasingly complex world, companies need both. They are complementary!

Magellan Consulting Group has designed an approach to effective Operational Management and Leadership in today’s world.

Companies have a competitive advantage when people at every management level of the organization can act as manager and leader at the same time.

Management focuses on giving instructions, standards, processes and following the rules. Leadership focuses on people, commitment, vision, inspiration, going the “extra mile” mindset!

“The real challenge is to combine strong leadership and strong management and use each to balance the other” – John Kotter, Professor at Harvard Business School.

How do you acquire this competitive advantage? If your company is not there, then you need to invest in developing your people. The good news is that these behaviours can be learned.

At Magellan Consulting Group, we take a holistic approach to your business, from processes to management tools. At the same time, we make sure your people develop the appropriate management & leadership behaviours across all levels of management, from front line supervisors to mid-management and executive leadership.