Project Focus

Industry 4.0
Lean Six Sigma

Engagement Timeline

2-week Diagnostic
20-week Project


Perfomance 4.0
Real time Streaming Analytics


Utilization of installed capacity was not optimized to meet growing market demand.

Maintenance was centered in corrective maintenance and equipment availability was below target. The CMMS installed was barely utilized.

Equipment efficiency was low and an integrated performance management model was not in place.

Industry 4.0 & Digitalization barely existed: lots of paperwork along with cumbersome and manual filled MS Excel spreadsheets being used as performance reporting tools & KPIs.

Production’s areas lacked tools to dynamic manage weekly and monthly capacity and production plans.

Lack of a formal service level agreements with the commercial area generating frequent changes in planning and scheduling.

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Levering Industry 4.0 solutions and advanced data analytics to achieve sustainable performance


Project focused on Planning, Scheduling & Interface, Operational and Maintenance Excellence


Interface agreements with commercial area were implementedreducing by 77% ‘urgencies and priority’ changes.

Developed KPIs and management tools.

21% reduction in Cycle time and increase in capacity.


Changed the company culture to be more analytical and digital.

Reviewed all the operating procedures and implemented Lean Six Sigma techniques to reduce set up times and product changes by 12%.

Increased equipment speed by + 4% and +27% increase in equipment efficiency.

The Implementation of tablets at the operator level to automate downtime reporting led to real time gap analysis, elimination of paperwork and manual data collection contributing to the elimination of Excel spreadsheets – “No Excel left behind”.

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) allowed Real time Streaming Analytics from floor sensors, resulting in truly active management and real time optimization of process parameters.


For maintenance, a restructured planning and scheduling process with full digitalization of maintenance operations with existing CMMS resulted in +90% schedule attainment.

Advanced state of the art Data Platform for all management levels connecting all IT systems with fully automated visualization and integrated Artificial Intelligence capabilities such as predictive analytics for equipment failures and advanced modeling to balance and optimize resources.

+7% Increase in equipment Availability.

53% reduction in MTTR – Mean Time To Repair.

90% adherence to weekly planning.