Rui Goncalves
Founder & CEO

Rui is the Founder and CEO of Magellan Consulting Group.

He has over 10 years of operational consulting experience. He has been delivering proven sustainable operational and financial results across multiple industries in different geographic areas worldwide – USA, Canada, France, Brazil, Switzerland, The United Kingdom and Africa.

With great expertise in installing complex operational improvement programs across various business functions. Rui’s experience includes delivering transformation & change management programs across multiple industries such as Manufacturing/Industrials, Consumer Packed Goods, Mining, Transportation, Distribution and Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Banking and Insurance.

Committed to delivering continuous process improvement to clients by analyzing existing process flows and systems, identifying non-value-added expenditures and opportunities, designing and implementing process and system improvements to ensure profitable and sustainable results.

Rui has a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, Portugal. He speaks fluently English, French and Portuguese.

Emeric Fontan Tessaur
Executive Vice-President of Operations

Emeric Fontan Tessaur is an Executive Vice-President of Operations with Magellan Consulting Group.

Emeric is a business transformation and change management expert with a solid track-record in operational & financial improvements.

He has more than 20 years of international consulting experience across multiple sectors, such as Financial Services, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Natural Resources, Industry & Construction.

Over the span of his career, Emeric has worked with Accenture, PwC, Proudfoot and the Metsa Group. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, he participated to the restructuration and closure of Lehman Brothers Europe.

Emeric works side by side with executives and mid-management to design and implement transformation programs across all levels of their organization (Sales, Operations, Procurement and Supply Chain).

Emeric has a Master from KEDGE, Ecole de Commerce and a BA Hons from Middlesex University, London in European Management. He speaks fluently English & French.

Joël Cohen
Executive Vice-President

Joël Cohen is an Executive Vice-President with Magellan Consulting Group.

A highly experienced leader with a great deal of expertise in business transformation and turnaround programs.

Joël provides operational and financial advisory to our clients. He works with executives helping them enhancing their business operational strategy through the design and execution of performance improvement programs.

Prior to joining Magellan Consulting Group, he served as CFO of LafargeHolcim France and held other executive management positions. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Joël was part of the leadership team that designed and implemented a restructuring plan for France and South Korea operations. He also played a major leadership role during the merge between Holcim Lafarge France.

Joël has a Master from EBS, Ecole de Commerce, and from the City University (London) and ICADE (Madrid) associated business programs. He speaks fluently English & French.

Associate Specialists

Armandino Seixas
Senior Performance Improvement Specialist

Armandino is a Senior Associate Performance Improvement Specialist with Magellan Consulting Group.

He has over 25 years of experience in implementing continuous improvements initiatives. Armandino has led or taken part in over 50 performance improvement programs, in various sectors such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Financial Services, FMG and Retail, across multiple European countries – France, Belgium, Netherlands and Portugal.

A senior leader, he has held leadership positions as Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources Director and Purchasing Director, which gives him an objective and broader view of all the challenges companies face when implementing change management programs.

Armandino holds an MBA in Lean Services Management. He is fluent in French and Portuguese.

Luiz Dominguez
Vice-President of Business Diagnostic

Luiz is an Associate Director of Operations with Magellan Consulting Group.

Highly experienced, proficient and skilled professional, with a singular dexterity designing strategic and creative business improvement solutions, his clients have experienced innovative approaches in operational, management and behavioral transformation programs, with actual financial impacts in additional profits.

After more than 30 years of experience he’s gained the ability to learn and understand human engineering disciplines and personal effectiveness improvement techniques, successfully applied and implemented through a large number and various sizes of companies and organizations.

Luiz has a comprehensive experience, through specific analytics tools, in quickly understand operational issues and their root causes, design solutions operationally feasible and with measurable outcomes to obtain compelling financial returns.

He speaks fluently Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Frédéric Brouillet
Financial Services Specialist

Fred is an Associate Specialist Director of our Financial Services Practice.

Fred has worked across a portfolio of process engagements within Financial Services, Manufacturing and Mining. He has end to end processes improvement experience combined with deep analytical expertise enabling him to implement the best solution.

He has led or taken part in over 30 Lean waves in Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Germany, France), Africa (Guinea, Gabon) and Asia (Hong-Kong). He has led engagements with the biggest players in Financial Services (Banking and Insurance). He speaks fluently French, English and German.