Performance Improvement & Transformation Programs | Operational Turnaround | Initiatives & Projects Acceleration

Performance Improvement & Transformation Programs | Operational Turnaround

These are major transformation programs with the objective of significantly improving long term operational and financial performance. Through these programs companies seek to gain competitive advantage thanks to the implementation of a new operational / execution model – Operational Excellence becomes the competitive advantage. The timeframe for implementation ranges from 4 to 10 months. During this time, we analyze in detail the operations of your business and design and implement customized sustainable solutions to deliver measurable results. This type of program requires a Business Diagnostic to lay out a project Road Map and business case with ROI.

Initiatives & Projects Acceleration

This approach helps companies which have ongoing major improvement initiatives, but are unable to keep up with schedules, implement the program and measure progress and benefits. With our agile project methodology, we support our clients to structure, execute and get results from those initiatives/projects. Examples: implementation of a Road Map recommended by strategy consulting firms or corporate directives that subsidiaries are unable to execute.