Mining & Metals



One of the largest manganese mine in West Africa needed an operational transformation program to debottleneck and create a performance-oriented culture. End-to-end operational problems related to capacity management and productivity caused inefficiencies and revenues losses. All areas were facing significant challenges from open pit planning, excavators’ OEE, processing plant efficiency, conveyors maintenance, stockpile management, railways and transportation capacity and low productivity in the port installations.


A customized collaborative approach was designed to ensure local business culture and organizational challenges were taken into account. The implementation of weekly performance review meetings created a sense of accountability and results ownership across all levels. The definition of smart department KPIs enabled managers to apply proactive performance management. Revised Maintenance planning & scheduling process along with reliability centered maintenance contributed to a significant increase in assets availability.

17 %
increase in throughput

Outcomes & Results

Implementation of end-to-end management operating system – disciplined application of short interval control, visual management and a series of standards that allowed the management team to measure daily performance. Implemented weekly performance review meetings and daily touch points at every level of the organization with the right structure: reports, KPIs and action plan.

Maintenance Excellence – formalization of an effective planning and scheduling process; preventive maintenance compliance and effectiveness; root cause analysis on critical equipment failures; reliability centered maintenance and execution of maintenance strategy.

Proactive Management Performance and People Development – (1) training and development program on three different levels of the organization focused on key operational management principles; (2) active management performance behaviors and tools required to manage his/her own department; (3) development of sustainability management operating system usage.

Railway & Transportation Performance Management – Implementation of a management system to optimize transit times. Loading employees were trained on how to optimize tons per wagon and the most efficient number of wagons per train. Unloading activities were streamlined resulting in a decrease of turnaround times.