Digitalization & Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing



The client is a global industrial engineering group with an annual revenue of more than $7 billion. The context is a quite profitable Tier 1 manufacturing plant for the Pulp & Paper industry. Operational performance needed a level-up in monitoring and control of execution and development of critical management tools. Overtime was above company’s benchmark. Planning & scheduling process required the application of basic constraints management principles and tolls were mostly manual. SLA’s between Sales and Operations were not comprehensive.


Interfaces between Sales and Operations were RACIed and SLA’s put in place, followed by an automated planning & scheduling process through the development of a customized IT application resulting in the elimination of manual data collection and excel spreadsheets. An End-to-End execution management system was developed, providing performance monitoring and control in real time enabling immediate operational decisions contributing to an increase in operators’ performance, machinery efficiency and a 50% cycle time reduction. Project fully paid in timeframe of 18 weeks.

21 %
Increase in EBITDA

Outcomes & Results

Implementation of an Operational Performance System | Real time performance monitoring empowering managers and supervisors to make impactful real time decisions on the fly

Blueprint for Digitalization and Industry 4.0 | Integration of different IT systems into a Business Intelligence platform, elimination of Excel Spreadsheets as structural management tools and automation of operational reporting and KPIs

Digitalization of visual management across the shop floor | Making assignments and give instructions with real time data; performance follow up and operational daily & weekly reporting

Streamlining of Business Processes and Interfaces | Alignment between Sales and Operations through the implementation of Stage Gates, production priority guidelines and scheduling SLA’s