The client is one of the biggest Retail & Commercial Banks in The United Kingdom. We worked in their Commercial Banking division to improve collaboration and productivity in their Front-line support department. Across 20 sites, the team was in charge of more than 100 tasks. They had poor productivity, poor planning and no shared best practices. Critical operating management tools were not in place. They needed a set of management tools to drive an increase in productivity, create capacity and redirect the time spent in administration tasks to free up bankers’ time to have quality conversations with clients.


An end-to-end analysis of the client’s processes revealed root causes for their problems in productivity and capacity. The implementation of a time tracking tool combined with a formal planning & scheduling process encouraged an increase in
productivity. Daily huddles fostered a team environment, giving colleagues a forum to share the work more efficiently. Colleagues exhibited efficient behavior as a result of short interval control applied to the redefined processes. Formalized and effective best practices resulted in an increase of capacity.

25 %
Capacity Creation

Outcomes & Results

Implementation of robust Department Planning process to share the work efficiently at the sites, teams and individual levels.

Development of a new Management Operating System allow the increase of quality conversations with clients.

Implementation of enhanced Dashboards with smart KPIs to align management performance with the company strategy.

Organizational redesign and redefinition of roles and responsibilities to fit current business realities and promote employees’ acquisition of new skills.

Definition and implementation of Best Practices to reduce variation in productivity among term members.